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Founded in 2017, Great Results Personal Fitness Company (GRPFC) is a premier on-site personal fitness training company that travels to your home, office or gym and delivers results around your busy schedule.

We also bring the equipment, workout and energy needed to guide you towards accomplishing your fitness aspirations. On top of that, we offer OVER 10 DIFFERENT SERVICES…

At GRPFC, we give you several options to achieve the body you have always wanted and help you to make fitness a regular part of your life.

To help you reach the fitness goals you desire. After we accomplish that, we will provide you with the tools, education, workouts, and support to continue on your fitness path once your work with us is complete.

GRPFC features an exemplary staff of Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology degreed and certified personal trainers who will travel to your location, bring their equipment, and utilize the components of functional training to deliver great results. GRPT is determined to get you into the best shape of your life.
GRPFC offers a wide array of service designed to help its clients reach their fitness goals including: Total Fitness Camps; Partner/Group Training; sport-specific training and individual in-home, gym, or office training.
Regardless of the service chosen, each workout is specially crafted and tailored for the individual and his or her fitness level. Your GRPFC trainer will keep you focused on your goals by tracking measurements every two months, or more frequently upon request. The measurements include the overall body fat percentage and seven site-specific body measurements. An initial fitness assessment, including all the measurements mentioned above, is FREE when becoming a client of GRPFC.
Proper nutrition is a vital part of any fitness regime. GRPFC will help monitor your food intake through a food diary and give suggestions to foods you should and should not be eating. Once again, this is part of the value of working with GRPFC and its knowledgeable trainers. Nutritional advice and monitoring are FREE, when becoming a client of GRPFC.

The only catch is that for the program to work, you have to follow what GRPFC ask you to do. That’s it, so what are you waiting for? Contact GRPFC today!

Personal Training


Meal Planning

Our Fitness Trainers follow the KEEP Principles


We require each Personal Trainer at GRPFC to have:

  • AT LEAST ONE CERTIFICATION from a Nationally Accredited Organization

Each GRPFC trainer will be obligated to maintain their certification in good standing, completing required continuing education courses as well as supplemental learning to keep up with the evolving world of fitness.


GRPFC ONLY hires Experienced Fitness Trainers

We require each Personal Trainer at GRPFC to have:

  • AT LEAST TWO YEARS of previous fitness training experience
  • AT LEAST SCORE 85 % on our Standardized Hiring Test
  • AT LEAST THREE references from previous clients


Each trainer will focus all of their energy and effort on each client during their session.

GRPFC ONLY hires trainers who are willing to devote ALL of their attention on their clients’ needs, inspiring the client to stay motivated.

(P)ersonal Skills

Each GRPFC trainer has, and will, exhibit excellent personal communications skills when conducting assessments, setting client goals or conducting personal training sessions. GRPFC feels that effective communication is imperative to its success with its clients.

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